Monday, 18 July 2011

Event : Sunsilk Weather Defense Launch

Lack of post because I went for my semi finals yesterday. And I got kicked out. /.\ But let's recall my feeling before I got kicked out, I was really excited for this Sunsilk event!!! I was always checking this range out in Watsons but the testers were MIA as usual and I couldn't try out the serum nor the cream! So I was super glad to be invited to this event :D Thank you TSS and Sunsilk!!!


The screen's a little weird because it's not your normal blank screen, it was done on some glass thingy!

Our speaker, Shawn! Or Sean? There's like two spellings for his name x___x Please correct me if I'm wrong but for now I'll just go with Shawn.

Can you see that his hair is tinged with blue? :D (Maybe it's to match the event!)

HAIR FACTS! The only thing I like about humid weather is that it helps our hair grow. -.- Other than that, it's not good at all!!!

The four products! Namely the Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave on and serum!

Caring for her hair, can you spot her satisfied smile? I vaguely remember it might be because the product smelt soooooo good!

He's explaining how we should evenly spread the product on our hair and the benefits of the product!

*Sneaks a glance at her own hair!* 

See her super satisfied smile!!! So happy on a Saturday morning~

After using, you'll realize that you can comb through your hair easily! Gets rid of nasty tangles~

More combing.

He shared with us A LOT of tips!

  1. Did you know that if you're washing your hair in very hot water, you're damaging your hair too?
  2. If you use styling products, you're recommended to shampoo twice! (Might clog your hair follicles if ya don't!)
  3. If you want healthier hair, condition hair ends FIRST after wetting hair thoroughly and then shampoo scalp ONLY. When rinsing, allow the foam to flow over the hair ends to wash off remaining conditioner. (Does NOT apply if you use styling products!!!) -> Am currently trying to see if this really helps!!!
  4. Instead of rubbing your towel all over your head to dry your hair, pat your hair dry. Helps in reducing frizzy hair because friction is reduced.
  5. To ensure that your hair's moisture is nicely sealed in, please use a leave in cream before allowing hair to dry naturally / blow dry!
  6. We should always massage our scalps thoroughly because if you've realized, most of us only focus on our hair ends! We often neglect our scalps and that can lead to pimply scalp, dandruff or even fungus! (EEEww. Now that you know, don't ever neglect your scalp!)

And then greedy me helped myself to a huge serving of ice cream. Call me fatty~~~

Had our polaroids taken by the very nice, Shu Yun? Once again I'm not sure of the exact spelling so please correct me if I'm wrong!!!

My new babies! One of the leave on cream went mysteriously MIA and I was super upset!!! I flipped my house upside down but I couldn't find it. I suspect it was actually stolen > o < Oh well, Sunsilk has definitely caught my attention and I now have my eyes on their orange series, for damaged hair if I'm not wrong. I have super damaged hair plus I'm going to dye it again soon! So yes the orange is on my Want list~

Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo - $6.70

Sunsilk Weather Defense Conditioner - $6.70

Sunsilk Weather Defense Leave On - $6.90

Sunsilk Weather Defense Serum - $8.25

Get yours at Watsons now! Alternatively, you can try them out first!

Redeem your 5 days supply of Sunsilk Weather Defence Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream HERE!
Redeem your FREE travel size Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable range shampoo & conditioner HERE!

Also, don't forget to like Sunsilk SG on Facebook for their latest updates and promotions!

Anyone wants review? ;D

Chiharu ❤


  1. Omg you guys are super efficient! <3

  2. @RynaQUE, we try to be as efficient as possible! Also you've yet to email us your mailing add for your mascara!

    @Nia, We will we will! Which products are you eyeing?

  3. #YAWN boring reviews

  4. @Anonymous, then why you read? :)

  5. cuz Anonymous is bored tt his/her life sucks n no money or chances to use e products.


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