Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Giveaway : Random Bonus from previous AFC Giveaway

Firstly, APOLOGIES NIA! I've yet to mail out your items because you actually won this bonus giveaway too!!! So I'll be chucking them all together and mailing them out :D

Next up, no worries Andrea, I'll be mailing everything out together along with the above winner! Your box is pretty heavy and I definitely have to swing by the PO to mail it.

And of course, to those dearest readers who commented, don't be upset :/ Thank you Louisa who's always chatting with me, till the wee hours! Those who tried for the AFC giveaway and this bonus round, fret not there's more coming up! I already have items for my next giveaway > o < But I can't always be holding giveaways because a lot of times, they come out from my own pocket! And to think I'm current unemployed~

However, I think that all good things should be shared and there's no point hogging onto a lot of stuff when I have only one face. At the same time, I usually prefer having giveaways when something good happens to me too! So... ... If I get employed as an air stewardess during the next interview, I'll be having a MASSIVE giveaway! It's an excuse to celebrate my success too haha!

Thank you all my lovelies for continuously reading this blog! Also remember, should you have any queries you can always post them on our FB wall!

Should any of the winners prefer to meet up to pick up their prize, please let me know!

With love,
Chiharu ❤

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