Saturday, 23 July 2011

Product Review : Ichikami Hair Treatment Essence

Okay firstly, I have a bad piece of news. It would seem my camera is in the ICU now. So posting might be a little slow and I'll be relying on Ringo for now.

But anyhow, today, I've a great deal for my lovelies!

A product from the Ichikami series! Remember the shampoo and conditioner from Ichikami? Yes, cherry blossoms are back to haunt you!

PLEASE, pardon the mess on my table. I really have nowhere left to keep my stuff!

The ingredients list, hope it's clear enough for all of you~

I really like the whole simple black and pink design. The pink's a really soft shade too :)

Best of all? You get a whopping 100ml in the bottle! Correct me if I'm wrong but most hair essence/serum only gives you 30ml. Most, some give 50ml but 100ml is the biggest I've seen so far!

Here's what it looks like! It looks creamy but truly it is a very lightweight lotion/essence thingy that absorbs really quickly into your hair!

Here's what Ichikami says about this essence!

"A rich, moisturizing leave-in type beauty essence that moisturizes and repairs damaged hair cuticles from within, enhanced with long lasting hair protecting properties to prevent further damage. Formulated with Pure Premium Botanical Essences and Squalan to repair and hydrate each and every strand of hair, resulting in smooth, silky hair that slips right through your fingers." - Said by Ichikami but typed by yours truly! Couldn't copy and paste > o <

In case anyone's confused, Squalan is like olives? A form of it anyway and we all know how beneficial olives are to our hair :D

Here you have my naked hair, it looks kinda alright because I've really been taking good care of it!!! It's just a little unruly, a little messy, a little frizzy, a little rough and a little too many little problems!!!

L - With / R - Without

With a little pump of that essence, it has tamed my hair quite a lot. The curls are more defined, neater and definitely smells better! Like I said, my hair slurps it up greedily leaving it shiny, tamed and delicious. Now that's a weird word but the scent of this essence isn't exactly simply floral to me, it's also somewhat sweet and fruity! I ADORE THIS. I wasn't sponsored this bottle okay, I went to buy it after trying a sample and it's just great! <3 In case anyone's worried, this is slightly sticky at first but all you have to do is to rub it into your hair till it's fully absorbed. All will be well then.

Personally, I like using this on wet hair. Did you know that our hair's just like our face? When we leave it to natural dry, towel dry or even blow dry it, moisture escapes along with the water that's evaporating! So we have to use something to coat our hair and seal all possible leakage of moisture before our hair becomes HAY. With constant usage, your hair feels softer and it's easier to comb through with your fingers without meeting any knots~ So yes, it does do what it claims!

Also, I actually didn't plan on scheduling this review first... But when I learnt of this great deal, I had to!

TA-DA~~~ Yes, poor me, I bought it for $14.90 but now you can get it for $9.70!!! I want a backup :D

Texture : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (Slightly sticky at first...)
Effectiveness : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (Definitely softer and more moisturized, prefer this on wet hair though!)
Scent : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (BRAVO BRAVO. I LOVE IT)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (It's really not bad! Just one star off because I personally prefer something with a little more slick in it. It's just me though, besides it's a great deal to get it now!)

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : It's not sponsored, I bought this from Watsons myself!


  1. i bought the shampoo and conditioner after reading your review and i love it~ muchmuchmuch more than ascience(was using this~) cause it has such a nice fragrance! yay will go grab this too!

  2. Hi Drea, thanks for believing our reviews! Do note that this I personally feel is more workable with damp hair to prevent further damage. If you like something for day use, I'd still advice those oil based serum, I have a review for one coming up and it's super cheap!

  3. Okie! will wait for it! :)


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