Friday, 5 August 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Artica Hair Studio (Dye + Treatment)

I've always admired Tsuriki because she has hair AND nails sponsors. Well of course, I'm still very thankful to my skincare / cosmetics / health food / beauty supplements sponsors but I can still dream of having a hair and nails sponsor right? Dream only > o < Anyway, I've been wanting to change my hair color for a long time because my roots grew out pretty long already. I was hesitant on dying because I'm going for the SIA interviews AGAIN and I couldn't decide if I should dye my hair back to black.

However... During Artica's 3rd year anniversary, they were on!!! The promotion went like this on "68% OFF on Colouring + Protein Treatment + Wash & Blow + 10min Head massage for ALL hair length @$42 instead of $183" Sounds like a pretty good deal right? So I grabbed it after very little hesitation.

And that's how I arrived at Artica.

I was served a....

Cup of milk tea! I love milk tea and I think this one's instant but it still tasted pretty good. But this post ain't about tea .___.


I was assaulted with a Book Of Colors. I couldn't decide! My previous hair color was decided by Ken, my usual hairstylist whom I have not visited in AGES. Which explains my ugly black roots :)

Anyway, I had a short discussion with Juno from Artica and he recommended me some-kind-of-a-ash-brown that I decided to go ahead with. It looked mild enough to still go for my SIA interviews.

Voila! My plastic sheet wrapped chicken head! This is after they applied the dye on my head and idk what this is for but I'm guessing it's to... Let the color set in??? But dye is really cold, while they were slapping it on my head I had chills! The milk tea was warm and kept me entertained for a really long time.

Many hours later...

I went to wash it off and I was given the massage! It was short but pretty enjoyable. I have a sensitive scalp and the dye made me itch a little so the massage was such a relief. I also did the protein treatment thingy and proceeded to get a ...

Blow dry by TWO hairstylists. So awesome right? It's like in those movies, everyone attends to you!

L - Uncurled / R - Curled

This picture is really ugly/unglam but I put it up to show how your hair, even without a haircut can help to make your face look slimmer! Juno curled it such that it framed my fat face well, see how the right side looks slimmer???

This is the after hair color in natural lighting!

Doesn't look ashy to me but my hair actually is naturally reddish. But still the color is evenly done and still mild :D It's less bright under normal lighting.

For Artica, the service really is +++. Milk tea, recommendations, head massage, TWO people attending to one and nice blowdry, what more can you ask for??? During my 3 hours stay at Artica, there were many customers flowing in and out of the salon~ Proves how popular they are!

And if you're wondering why there's no full pictures...

:( My hair died. I don't have a hair sponsor so I can't possibly constantly go to salons to save my hair!!! I'm very upset and irritated with it because I have natural curls. Shriveled up hair looks absolutely HORRIBLE with curls T___T I'm guessing that I have no choice but to cut it off.

Till then, I'll be dreaming of hair treatments in my imaginative salon during my sleep.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and have a better idea of how Artica works!

Chiharu ❤

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