Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bits of Chiharu : BEST Dim Sum ever!

So far that is.

I mean this stall SERIOUSLY has my favorite Dim Sum ever and I thank my lucky stars that these tasty dishes are nowhere near where I stay. Otherwise I'll definitely become severely overweight.

The pictures may not look as tasty because I didn't really have superb lighting as compared to the Yum Cha Buffet but trust me, it's a lot better!

First up, the classic!!!

These are my absolute absolute favorite, irresistible and IRREPLACEABLE Prawn Dumplings! Or otherwise known as Har Gao. Delicious juicy prawns covered with what the TV always describe as the chewy, QQ, toing toing, boing boing skin! It's not too thick, cooked to perfection and nicely translucent!!!

I will die for these~~~

Fried version of the Prawn Dumplings!!! Once again, a lot better than the Yum Cha one! They are not stingy with their prawns, it's wholesome juicy prawns you get and it's just an awesome burst of juices in your mouth!

SPINACH DUMPLINGS. Ya'all know I hate my greens but this is different. Okay my favorite Dim Sum stall is not for the veggie  lovers. There's only one teensy piece of spinach in this whole dumpling and it's filled with juicy soup??? I think it's soup but I'm not sure, there's a nice flavor to it though. And your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, they're filled with prawns too ~

These are Crystal Chives dumpling, just look at that glossy exterior. The skin for this dumpling is just HEAVENLY. I don't know how to describe this but even chives haters can give these a shot. It's not overpowering, very mild actually, to me.

MY CHILDHOOD FAVORITE!!! I know it looks oily but these are great Fresh Prawns Rice Roll okay!!! But the only problem with this is that it's performance fluctuates. It's still pretty acceptable though and hard to find nowadays in normal dim sum shops. Most shops are super stingy with their shrimps and you usually get like hard dried  up ones. This one's QQ too ;D

I don't know the exact name or location of this shop because I've only always head there and nom immediately like a hungry monster. It's somewhere in Geylang though! I think this stall sells Frog Leg Porridge too but I haven't tried it.

Also, apologies for our lack of posts. It's been not such a good week. Work is rather okay but tiring. My personal life is a little messed up. Seriously I can NEVER have good things happen simultaneously in my life. Something good happens only when tons of bad stuff happen. I try to be professional but sometimes mood really does affect my performance ya know? I wanted to review ChocoMarvel initially but it didn't work. So I shan't blog more about it. My cramps are still bad as hell and it's just unpleasant!

Either way, I'll get better. Maybelline event is on Saturday, see my lovelies there if you're attending!

Chiharu ❤


  1. i'm going to the event too! XD wearing eyeliner art? i dunno how i'm going to do so cos i dont have the Hypersharp eyeliner :( and also, i MIGHT not go, or leave early cos i need to get home to prepare and stuff for breaking of fast. and i wont get a goodie bag :((

  2. Oh I'm not wearing any funky designs because I have a pizza date afterwards! I might end up being late though cause I have no idea where SOUL is!!! > O <

  3. same here! i'll just try to depend on my relatively good sense of direction. i might try to do some eyeliner art, but with different eyeliner (but i dont have even a little streak of art sense!)

  4. same here! i'll just have to depend on my relatively good sense of direction. if i'm doing eyeliner art, i'll prolly have to do it with some other eyeliner (but i havent even a streak of art sense!)


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