Sunday, 21 August 2011

Event : Vichy's Spa Water & 80th Anniversary Workshop

 Roughly about a week ago, I attended the Vichy's Spa Water Workshop, held to also celebrate the 80th anniversary of Vichy! Honestly, I NEVER knew that Vichy had been around this long. Vichy's been around longer than my grandparents have been! That's cool fact #1. I think there're more cool facts as we go along~

See those watery hands caress her flawless, smooth and bright skin! I'd kill to have skin like hers~

The first thing that greeted us on the table!

This one's Cat's Spicy Tuna Sandwich!

There's egg mayonnaise and that's the most popular choice but I love my bacon and avocado! So I chose this.

Generous serving of this sandwich!

Beautiful food = Heaven, we were all nomming while waiting for all the bloggers to arrive! It so damn good I tell you, it made me fall in love with avocados more!

A healthy salad to pair with your sandwich. Remember, lotsa fruits and vegetables = better skin!

Sparkling water...

To get in the mood for the Vichy Spa Water!


Let's not forget the products that greeted us for this event~

The oh so famous Thermal Spa Water~

Their new Aqualia Thermal Aqua Gel~

Lastly, the Aqualia Thermal Mask!

Presenting... *Drumroll* Vichy mints!

Here's cool fact #2, these mints are made with the same water in the Vichy Thermal Spa Water! These taste fantastic but they're very unfortunately, NA in Singapore. Supposedly helps in digestion too if I'm not wrong! Why so? You'll find out when I review the Thermal Spa Water VERY SOON.

He's really enthusiastic about those Vichy Products~ So am I because I've tried it! Look below for explanation~

Here's a mini preview to the Vichy Thermal Spa Water review!



See how fresh and bright my face is! It's amazing ^____^ It might have ate away a little of my blusher though~

The stuff we got to bring home and I'm gonna be reviewing all those for you guys/gals soon!

Go and get yours now! I swear it's awesome, I bought a set of the 150ml ones, so did Ringo and Cat! The 150ml set costs $14.90 only so it's worth it and will not dig a huge hole in your pocket~ That's cool fact #3, a total of 3 retail sized 150ml sets were bought after testing the Vichy Spa Thermal Water at the workshop. We were ALL SOLD.

P.S. I did not talk a lot about the products because I will be reviewing those items soon. I'm working now so please pardon my speed!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : Pictures that are not watermarked are either from Vichy's slides or Vichy's FB page. I am not a representative of Vichy and I do not profit from recommending anyone to their products.


  1. hi i thought i saw himeko blogging about this event too was it the same event?

  2. Hi Bella dear, yes I believe it's the same event as I saw her there :)

  3. oic why din you took photos with her? i thought u gals are frens
    sry if i was rude cos i saw her post like she also nv mention u that why i thought it may not be the same event
    u gals looked so cute together

  4. Hi dear, something happened between us :)

    I won't be going into the details lest she says I'm badmouthing her or something! Thank you though, we did have some pleasant memories but I think she erased it all.


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