Monday, 15 August 2011

Giveaway : My Beauty Diary Strawberry Milk Mask (我的美丽日记草莓牛奶面膜)

Yay! A mini giveaway~~~ Now because this is just a random one to share the masks I have, the prizes will not be as big as everyone wants it to be. Perhaps it'd be bigger on our 6th month anniversary and maybe on Ringo's Birthday!

For now, I have THREE sheets of masks to giveaway, one of each design. You can read the review for this mask HERE.

This pink with white polka dots one~

Light pink with darker pink polka dots~

My favorite design!

How do you participate in this contest?
  1. You must like our Facebook Page.
  2. Choose the any one of the three pictures of the masks I have above and post it on our wall.
  3. Tag 5 friends in it!
  4. Wait for the contest to end on 23rd August 2011!
*One entry is allowed per contestant.

I hope this simple contest is okay for everyone! This contest is for Singaporeans only > o < The next big one will be international! Of course do note that if response is bad it'll be cancelled :/ You need to have people to giveaway the stuff to!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I bought these masks myself.

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