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Product Review : Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque

I wasn't intending to review this product so soon, but it would seem like many of you are interested in knowing more about this product. So once requested, we'll try our very best to do it :D

After a grueling day at work, I came home, scarfed down my dinner and took these pictures + edited them immediately! (Watching TV as I go along so it's delayed somewhat)

Proudly presenting...

My two tubes of Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque! Just to show how much I love it, can you see that the tube on the right is almost completely flattened? The white part is yellowing from old age too :( I've had it for nearly two years already so I'm going to trash that and start on the tube beside!

Simple green and white packaging.

The main purpose? Dries up those irritating zits, rinse away your blackheads and shrinks your pores! By that, I have to once again clarify that it only does so for the appearance. For the explanation, please refer to THIS ARTICLE.

The ingredients list for all those who're worried about the contents! Also, I was presented with a question that I did not reply in detail, here it is along with the answer!

"Parabens, harmful on the skin and in the body?"

This is a question that has been raised over and over, not only on Domokie, but on other beauty blogs and basically, everywhere! I'm only answering with regards to Methylparaben here. Methylparaben is actually produced naturally. In fact, they're found in the fruits we consume! Of course, I don't think most of us know that because fruits don't really come along with an ingredients list. The purpose of the Methylparaben is to help kill the unwanted dirties in your skincare / food. Examples of the dirties can be fungi, bacteria and all the unseen things you can think of.

There has been tons of arguments and research done on this ingredient and contradicting results have been found. There are those who will NEVER touch this and describe this as a potential health hazard. There are those who think that this is harmless. Results from different studies have shown that indeed, Methylparaben can possibly cause damage to the skin yet it is still declared safe to use by the FDA. Perhaps that is because the negative impact(s) caused by Methylparaben isn't backed up sufficiently with enough research / results to be known as a fact? However, Methylparaben, if ingested, will be passed out as urine instead of accumulating in our bodies.

The fact about Methylparaben would be that it is actually a non-irritating ingredient that's great for sensitive skin. People who experience adverse skin reactions to this ingredient is because they are allergic to it. According to Wikipedia, this ingredient is "not carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic or embryotoxic; additionally, it is negative in the uterotrophic assay." To know what an uterotrophic assay means, kindly google for yourself as I do not want to lengthen this answer any further! In short, I probably will not be avoiding products that contain Methylparaben like a plague.

The full description of the mask.

Here's what it looks like! A strange, green and grey clay!

This mask is a dream for those zits that have the white pus on the surface! It really shrinks them well and kicks the pus out of them. For those angry red ones, I am apologetic to say that this mask will only soothe the redness instead of purging the entire thing. To use this as an acne treatment, put a nice blob on your zits, like you would do with a spot treatment, leave this overnight and wash off the next morning. xteeener, one of my favorite youtube gurus adores this product as well!

Personally, I feel that this mask only works for extracting very light blackheads. By light blackheads, I'm referring to those that have yet to harden and become a solid form. Those can be sucked out easily with this mask. If your blackheads belong to the hard and stubborn category, a pore strip or a peeling mask would be more advisable. Kindly refer to the article on Pore Problems for more information. To remove blackheads with this mask, apply this over the affected pore areas for about 15-20 minutes to let it dry.

Apply a nice thick layer such as this.

And it should look like this when it starts drying up. It should start looking all crackled and wrinkly. The lightest whitish green is the area that is completely dried.

Really, at the end of the mask, your skin will feel smooth and tight in the good way. This mask has a nice minty scent at the beginning but the smell turns a little wonky as it starts to dry up. You will also feel a slight cooling sensation upon the application of this mask. It will go away in a few minutes as the mask starts to "tighten" your skin while drying up!

Sadly, despite how good it sounds, it is NOT readily available in Singapore. There may be little beauty shops that sell these but at a marked up price. There's one store that sells this in the Yishun Shopping Mall near where I stay. Please note that Yishun Shopping Mall =/= Northpoint! Alternatively, you can spree these in from Drugstore.com.

Scent: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (From mint to wonky, not really my kinda thing~)
Effectiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Wonderful wonderful product! Cleans my pores really well and kills those zits!)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (One star off simply due to the scent, nothing else to penalize!)

Nothing much to judge on hence there're only 3 factors!

Also, remember to submit your entry for our GIVEAWAY HERE by 23.59 TODAY if you haven't already!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I bought both tubes with my own money!


  1. Hi!

    Where did you get this mint Julep mask at?

  2. May I know which shop in Yishun sells this??

  3. Which shop in North point ? Can u share ? Dont be selfish . Good things must share mahh

  4. In Singapore? They are nowselling it at Watson btw ;)

  5. In Singapore? They are nowselling it at Watson btw ;)


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