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Share & Care : Get the items you desire at smashing prices with Sold.SG!

Warning, lengthy post ahead! But then again, usually when I have so much to say, it's something good isn't it ;)

Last Thursday, I was invited to...

Okay no, I wasn't invited to their website, I was invited to make a trip down to Sold.SG's office by to learn more about their website, auctioning along with little tips to make my experience more pleasant!

Wait, you don't know what Sold.SG is?!

NO WAY. It sounds too good to be true right?

I mean, just look at this!

Yea, those are ongoing auctions that I took SS of. They have a lot of cool gadgets and vouchers~ And no, it's not a scam. How would I know? Because of this.

Voila! Look at ALL of that. Yes, how many of you are drooling already? All of those are going up for auction on Sold.SG. I've seen those items with my own eyes along with plenty of other bloggers.

Of course should you still be worried, feel free to head down to their office anytime to meet the team and see the products for yourself! Sold.SG is CREDIBLE, TRANSPARENT and VERY OPEN!

A little Sold.SG background...

Sold.SG was launched in July 2010 and has been around ever since. If you've always thought that your iPad2 was expensive, or that you really want a camera but can't bring yourself to fork out that tremendous sum of cash, Sold.SG is your solution. Remember the SS above? So many of their items are 99% off the actual retail price!

Sold.SG is over a year old and has beaten ALL other auction websites hands down with more than 34000 joining in the fun! The best part? They're here to STAY. And they mean it. To show their commitment in making this a sustainable business, the founders QUIT their full time, high paying, stable and comfortable jobs!

Meet the us, the bloggers... And the lovely team of Sold.SG!

Do note that they do not engage bots or insiders to bid. They are very strict that no employees and immediate family members of are allowed to participate (All employees have to sign a contract stating so). Also, All their products are brand new, directly from their suppliers and carefully selected to ensure quality and high standards.

Items won are delivered via SPEEDPOST!

Enough of the words!

There are a few different kinds of auctions you can go for.

The Learners auction is for those who've never won any auctions. It's for beginners like *ahem* me to try and get some goodies without getting trashed by the bidding pros!

There's also these kinda one cent auctions so that the ending price won't be too expensive! After all, this website is to help us get our desired products at a lower price isn't it?

Sometimes there's also these five cents bid...

The three kinds of auctions mentioned above are eligible for the use of the highly dreaded AUTO BIDDERS.

It helps you when you're not free to bid manually! Of course, for every +, there will be a -. For more information, click on the picture to understand the Auto-Bidder!

If you have time or you're unwilling to spend on the auto-bidder, the following two types of auctions will be your cuppa tea!

The Manual Auction! My 2nd favorite kinda auction because there are NO AUTO-BIDDERS allowed! I am someone who likes to camp there and be silent so no one knows I'm bidding >_____<

This one's the best! You don't have to buy tokens to bid, it's a free auction! NO auto-bidders allowed too! Definitely something great to start out with. Do remember that you'll have to pay the winning price of the product so don't overdo the bidding! Hafta learn to let go we should and move on to other auctions~

Also, remember to check out these BIDDING TIPS and STRATEGIES!

At this point of time, you should know more about the Sold.SG already! It's TIME.

Let's begin the bid!!!

This is the beautiful beautiful Samsung Galaxy Tab I'm eyeing! The auction is still on going and I'm currently camping at that page :D (Please do not snatch from me!!!) Okay I'm kidding, everyone should give it a go because it's just SO ATTRACTIVE. Just know that I will be fighting for it with you ^___^

MY HEARTBREAK NO.1. I was camping on this page and was gonna click at the last few seconds but guess what? My antique laptop decided to stop working .__.

But honestly, I swear this is a potential health hazard. The first time I started bidding at the last 20 seconds, I nearly had a heart attack. I was SO EXCITED. I was msn-ing Ringo at that point of time and I was blabbering to her about how my heart was pounding I could feel it smashing against my ribs. I know I'm being dramatic but I was so pumped with adrenaline and all the blood rushed to my head~ I felt light headed after that.

AND THEN MY HEART BROKE when I went to this auction on my phone immediately after my antique died. IT ENDED T___________T It ended at the price of $1.16... How many of you are feeling the heartache right now?

I really wanted a camera though because mine is spoiling =x So I went on to this...

HEARTBREAK NO.2. I was hoping it'd drag on till I got home from work... AND IT GOT SOLD AT $60.95!!! The retail prize for this is $1099 okay, see how cheap that person got it for!!! I almost died when I saw the ending price of this auction.

Wasted such a golden opportunity didn't I...

Yes, how many of you have a knife in your hands now? I'm kidding! But yea my heart plummeted to the bottom of a black hole when I missed all of these beautiful cameras...

So in order to not let any of you suffer further heartbreaks, I've decided to show you all this.

YOUR EYES ARE NOT FOOLING YOU. This Apple iMac 21.5 Inch Desktop is STILL AVAILABLE and up for grabs!!! The best part? You get FREE TOKENS to get you started with bidding when you sign up now~

Visit Sold.SG NOW to get that Apple iMac 21.5 Inch Desktop and tons of other cool gadgets!!! You can be the next BIG WINNER!

Also, if you're active on Facebook or Twitter, feel free to like them on Facebook and follow their Twitter for daily updates!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I am not working for them! I even bid, won and bought my own tokens from Sold.SG! Evidence is in the picture below~ Pictures taken via SS by me or taken from Catherine's blog(Those with her watermark!).

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