Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Product Review : MaxLife

It's Singapore's 46th Birthday~ Happy public holiday to everyone too! Instead of pictures of me, Ringo or beauty related stuff, how about my little baby for a change? No, I do not have a child, my dog is my baby!

So roughly about a month ago, I was sent this for review.

Yeaps! It's MaxLife, the ultimate longevity formula for... DOGS. Not me, not Ringo, not you but doggies!

That's the description and purpose of the MaxLife. And why are there no side effects or contraindications?

Because this is 100% PREMIUM cordyceps! Comes along with a mini plastic spoon that gives you measurements of the amount you're taking.

So what exactly is MaxLife?

"MaxLife is the ultimate longevity formula for pets, an all-natural daily immunity booster, especially beneficial for senior pets. Proven results in 2 weeks, the delicious powder mixes easily into pet food to improve your pet’s immunity and energy levels, promotes faster recovery from illnesses, supports healthy functioning of vital organs, and reduces long-term risks of chronic and degenerative diseases. MaxLife is made from the same proprietary cordyceps strain, harvested in controlled greenhouse environments, with advanced fingerprinting biotechnology. Free from additives, colourings and preservatives, MaxLife is 100% safe and effective to max your pet’s life." - According to PetsUcare

Cordyceps might not sound familiar to most but a look at the picture below will certainly jolt your memory!

Image taken from SoundMindMeditation

If you are one who often takes Chinese herbs, this should be very familiar to you. It is often used in our Chinese Herbal soups. Correct me if I'm wrong but in short, this is called "虫草" in Chinese and that literally translates to worm grass??? The appearance of this is similar to a worm and there's actually an explanation behind its name that you have to google yourself! > o <

Now that you know the goodness of Cordyceps for us humans, aren't you glad you can share this goodie with your baby too?

Can you see the many FREEs? Free from wheat, gluten, additives, pesticides, contaminants, stimulants, preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring and antibiotics! Definitely thumbs up for your baby. Also, you can see the recommended dosage for dogs of different sizes.

Now I know this is free from many harmful substance and made from 100% cordyceps but... You don't expect me to sample the powder for you guys right??? I cannot tell you the taste or whatsoever of this powder because I haven't got the guts to taste it. Let me just tell you my dog's reaction to it.

Initially, he wasn't used to the taste/scent of the cordyceps. He did not finish his food when this was mixed into it. However it may also be because my dog is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to food. You know how some vets give your pet tablets for their immunity system? It takes ages to force him to eat it. He will struggle like mad before finally giving up. Gradually though, he got accustomed to the taste/scent and he finishes his food like a little piggy. For the first week or so, I noticed that he was indeed more active. He naps less and barks around like an annoying dog! Not that I'm complaining but my mom is!

After taking this daily for about a month, I personally do believe that it boosts his vitality and stamina? He used to run for a little while, pants like mad and stops playing with you because he's tired. He now runs around often and can play with us a much longer time before giving up.

My dog also has a poor stomach and he stopped throwing up after taking it. His throwing up is due to his eating habits, he likes to stuff himself when he's damn hungry or get picky with food and gets gastric pain later or something. He has now stopped.

See his bright sparkly eyes? Healthy dogs should have bright eyes.


No I'm not choking him, I'm supporting his head so he'll look this way.

He's enjoying his tummy scratch/rub. He LOVES being patted/rubbed/scratched on his tummy.

Still relaxing~

See his cute little tongue hanging out!

Messy mustache after rolling all over the sofa.

This photo is freaking amusing. It's so ugly it's cute!

He's drifting off to lalaland... Yes, Cordyceps makes him more active but I only managed to get his sleepy pictures. He REFUSES to look at my camera and all I get are blurry pictures because he's moving all over the place.

In short, I'll feed him more of this forever because I love him and I swear my dog gets pampered by my mom more than she ever pampers me! No one can imagine him gone and we all do not want any major illness to befall him. So yes, TCM it is, even for our baby! The best part? You can now get MaxLife at only $42 instead of $46.64(U.P.) excluding GST HERE till 11th August! It may seem pricey but this bottle can last you for quite long time because you only need a small spoonful each time.

Let your babies accompany you as long as they can, they love you as much as you love them and maybe even more than you do. They may not mean the entire world to you, you ARE their entire world. Cherish them while you can!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. I cannot accurately describe the effects of it 100% because I am not the one ingesting it. My review is based on what I've seen from my own dog after taking this product. Effectiveness may vary with your own pets' current health.

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