Saturday, 13 August 2011

Product Review : Candy Doll Powder Foundation in #01

All of you should know by now that I adore my Japanese stuff. They're always of high quality and works perfectly on my face/eyes/lips. Previously, I ever reviewed the CandyDoll Mineral Face Powder and the CandyDoll Cheek Color. My verdict was that both of them rock my pants! Since then I've been a CandyDoll fan and I've always wanted to try the new items from their Base line!

So I'm glad to say, I was sent this for review from Bling.Always!

I proudly present the Candy Doll Powder Foundation in #01. Seriously, I am always smitten by pinks and purples. Remember the DollyWink Eyeliner? It's pink and purple too, packaging wise. Yes, I'm your typical girl, I love my pinks and purples. But I don't really wear it on me, I like to see them on my products!

The back, I can't read it though. Read it if you can! I wish they had the ingredients list so I can share it with you~  They have it on their website HERE but it's totally in Jap so yea... I'm ashamed to say that I tried translating it with a translator so don't blame me if it's all wonky but here it is!

This powder contains : "Talc, mica, titanium dioxide, methyl methacrylate cross polymer, isotridecyl isononanoate, Haidorogen dimethicone, silica, ethyl hexanoate tri Noin, dimethicone, hexa (acid / rosin acid / stearic acid, hydroxystearic) Jipentaerisurichiru, stearic acid, zinc oxide, AI hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, iron oxides"

Some of the words look like gibberish but Talc makes sense right? So I do believe some of the ingredients are correct.

It's cute, it's girly, it's sweet, it has a candy and it's pink! Mad love the packaging. Also, instead of being flat like most two way cakes are, this one's fat. I'll show you why later.

Here's the back.

In your usual two way cakes / powder foundation, it is usually arranged such that the powder is beside the sponge. That way it'll be flat. For this, it's stacking on top of each other.

This is what you get when you first open the cover. The sponge is included and it's really soft and squishy. Personally I don't use sponges anymore unless I'm touching up.

Flip the sponge layer up and you get the mirror and the powder.

Here's what the powder looks like.

Here's a super close up. Nice? You can even see the texture of the powder! It is very finely milled and soft to the touch. Very compact though. I think someone told me that she dropped this before or something and nothing happened to it!

Now, how will this fare? This powder was launched about 4 months ago in April this year and I've waited so long to get my fat hands on it. A quick google search will actually show you that a lot of people adore this powder. What about me?

According to Bling.Always, this powder is "Perfect for Busy Morning & Touch Up!! The Ultra Fine powder , cover up pores & redness perfectly! With Long Lasting Powder formulation & no worries for sebum and sweats too~~"

L - Without / R - With CandyDoll Powder Foundation

How can we not do the coverage test on it? As you can see, the coverage is not bad. That was only one swatch of the powder with my finger. There are no pictures of my face for this one because I don't use it for full coverage, usually I dust some on lightly after my BB / foundation. I like something to really make my face matte. Of course I don't slap it on all over, I avoid my cheekbones and my nose bridge so that it's like automatically "highlighted".

I've tried slapping this on a huge pimple and it does a nice job of hiding the redness, I would however recommend the usage of a concealer still because after all, the purpose of a two way cake is not to conceal all your flaws. For an even skintone, you can simply dust this all over your face with a fluffy brush. If you want a very full coverage, I suggest wetting your sponge and dabbing the powder on your face instead of smearing it on. Do note that the shade of mine is pretty pale so if you're tanned you need to go for either shade 2 or 3.

As for the pores part, I don't really have very enlarged pores? This does cover it up fine just like most of my powders so I can't really judge the performance on the pores. Oil control wise, I'd say this lasts me only about 3-4 hours before my nose is like a frying pan ready to cook an egg. Then again, most stuff don't last on me. Can you believe that my nose shines like a knight in shining armor around 20 minutes after I wash my face? Either way that's fine because after using this powder, I still like to be anal about my face and set it with my CandyDoll Mineral Face Powder.

You can get this HERE for $36.90.

Texture: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Very finely milled, will not look cakey.)
Coverage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (It's not paint, it won't blanko out all your flaws but it's already pretty good for a powder.)
Lasting Power: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (Average for most people, below average for those with EXTREMELY oily skin.)
Overall: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (Good quality product again imho!)

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : This product was sent to me for review. This does not affect the honesty of my review in any way.


  1. chiharu~ is there anything u can recommend besides the candy doll mineral face powder that helps with oil control but is more pocket friendly? :p

    my face is also as oily >_< gahh!! the T zone totally lights up and i need at least 3 sheets of blotter paper to suck all the oil off :S

  2. Hmm, this will be a little tough. To be honest this CandyDoll one is the best I've tried by far and that's why I stick to it =x

    I've heard of alternatives like the Chacott and supposedly that's one of best loose powder out there too. However I have yet to review it, I own it though! Yet at the same time, I think Chacott is just as expensive as CandyDoll when you buy it in SG >____< You have to really make a trip down to Japan if you want to get it cheap!

    Otherwise... You can give the Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder a go! I've used it before and it's better than most but the downside? The fragrance is extremely strong and itches my nose!

  3. Hi.. :)
    I want to ask..Do you think candy doll powder foundation is better than candy doll mineral face powder?
    I have an oily skin and blemish.
    I want to try candy doll, but I still confused to choose between that.

  4. Hi dear! I love both and it truly depends on if I require a heavier coverage.

    However as you have blemish prone skin, I would advise you to use the CandyDoll Mineral Face Powder instead as mineral products are less likely to cause breakouts. It also provides excellent oil control. The only downside is that it does not give you a whole lot of coverage so you might need to use a concealer beforehand!


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