Saturday, 14 May 2011

Product Review : CandyDoll Cheek Color in Strawberry Pink

I am stoned. Okay not literally, just kinda in a daze because I'm feeling so tired and full from the event just now. I'm not going to reveal anything about it for now because I want to do it all at one go for the event.

I'm just going to blog about the new blush I bought. It's the CandyDoll Cheek Color in Strawberry Pink!

Here's the packaging, I think it's really cute. That's what I love about Jap products, there really is effort.

I love the product itself, so tiny and solid.

As you can see, it's quite a strong color in the pan. In natural lighting, it actually looks almost like a fuchsia color.

I sincerely apologize that the size is different. These two are swatched in different lighting. As you can see, the one on the left is more fuchsia. On the right, it's more of a pure pink? Left is in natural light, right is indoor lighting.

I know it looks like a really scary and loud color, something that you wouldn't dare to wear out but trust me, the color is super pretty. It looks like a cool toned pink in the pan but it will suit warmer skintones as well. Why? Because if you look at the picture on the right above, it has a golden sheen to it. That helps in warming the color and thus makes it suitable for I'm estimating, all skintones.

To prove my point, see the picture above. It's really pigmented and blends out well. If you're still afraid, look DOWN below.

Now see how pigmented it is? Just one pat on the brush. Now I'm going to pack it on my cheeks.

Ta-da~ See that subtle pinky-ness! Soooo pretty right? At this point, let me give you a tip. If your blush is really pigmented and you're afraid of ODing it, try using a brush that's similar to the one I have up up above. Don't brush it on, pat it on. It will look really pretty and soft.

I usually go very light handed on my blush. My fluorescent lighting probably washed it out further. But it's still pretty!!!

I know the blush looks small, but a little goes a really  long way so... I'd say it's pretty worth getting!


I absolutely adore this blush. Pinks look best on me, especially this one. I used to think that MAC cosmetics has a wide range of colors and they carry more product in the pan as opposed to this one. But the pigmentation is really different! One swatch on your finger and it's whoa.

This blush is really finely milled as you can probably already see in the pictures. It's not chalky at all and it's definitely pigmented. They come in 5 different colors so you can take a pick based on your preference. They have highlight colors included in this range but I haven't tried them yet.

Texture : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Very finely milled)
Pigmentation : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★(Just scroll up and see!)
Application : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (So quick and easy, just pat and go!)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (This has made it to my love list, I strongly suggest everyone to try one of these)

OT but here's my MU for today's event!

I really like how natural my falsies are! The eyeshadow and the blush that I'm using have been reviewed before. *Hint hint* They're in my love list!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I paid for this :)


  1. Hey girlie!
    Is this blush matte or does it have some kind of shimmer?
    Very pretty! Looks similar to Chanel Turbulent to me

  2. Hey babe! It has very fine golden shimmers! I don't own Chanel Turbulent but I assure you this blush is pretty!

  3. Oh how interesting ! Gotta get it, thank you

  4. You're welcome! I do recommend it :D It's really quite pigmented and super finely milled!

  5. If you had to pick between CandyDoll in Strawberry Pink and Melliesh #3, which would you pick? (And why?) Which would you say is more "neutral" or suitable for everyday wear?

  6. Well if I had to just pick one, it's a tough decision because there are different factors to consider!

    However if you're looking for something more suitable for daily wear, I'd go with the Melliesh one because you're less likely to overdo it while in a hurry!


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