Friday, 20 May 2011

Event : Murad Hybrids New Launch! (Part 1)

Hoohoo! Good day my lovelies~ Here I am doing up this post when I'm supposed to go to bed! Applaud me for being hardworking please :(

Let's get this started!

Last Thursday, 12th of May, I went down for the Murad Hybrids New Launch event! I must say I feel very honored to be able to go because as you can tell, our blog is really really new.

The location..?

When I first saw the email, I was like WHOA I get to go there?!

This is where the event was held~

The Murad Team all hyped up for today's event!

Proceed below to the Murad products that were on display just for us bloggers!

I'm sorry but I can't do a description for you because well... I was new there and feeling quite... Lost? Yea so I ended up huddling at one corner .__. Yes go ahead and laugh!

Say WHOA! So pretty right? After looking at the products, we were ushered into this beautiful dining area. It's really beautiful!

See what I mean? Roses floating atop what I think is ice and water with light underneath it???

This man is Ariya, the Sales Director of Murad! And he was sitting at the same table where I was seated. Such an honor!

Such a pretty brownie. I never got to taste it cause I forgot to take it /.\

We're paying attention~

On our tables lay the newest addition to the Murad family! The Hybrids. I'll talk more about it later in part 2, the reviews. As for now, event first!

So afterwards we proceeded to have dinner... I hope you're not hungry now!

Beef steak, chicken with something in the middle and pasta?

SALMON <3, sauteed prawns and beef steak again =x


Looks super tasty right?! You're right. IT IS. I was so in love with the desserts but it's so fattening for me ||orz

Our group shot after everything was done...

And then we leave with our goodie bags! End of the day! But not the end of this post~

It's to be continued...

PART 2 : The Reviews... COMING SOON. Sorry but I am truly too tired to do up a proper review today! A slower but detailed review is better than a quick but sloppy one right?

PS I almost forgot to mention that all pictures that are not watermarked are taken from Murad's Facebook.

Chiharu ❤

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