Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Ringo A Day: Work Work

My workplace has a Nespresso machine ohmaigawd. It's the inconspicuous cube-like thing in the corner that doesn't look much like a coffee machine at first glance at all. (The only other machine that pwns it in the workplace is the PS3 console. : D)

Anyway, you insert capsules of coffee liquid into it for it to work (the box of red and gold things in the middle). There’s milk (in the fridge, so not pictured), and brown sugar (in the jar), as well as white sugar (in long sachets) available as well.

And then you dip Kratos into your coffee to stir.

On that same day I took this photo they were voting for the day on which to go for our studio trip (to Universal Studios), and in the end 9th May, Monday won by a margin of… well, a lot (I didn’t count).

It’s kind of difficult to decipher the words from the photo (actually taken at night in relative darkness), so well, as Barney says, use your imagination~

And so, that means that I've gone to Universal Studios today (officially yesterday), and darn I was dreaming that I was still on the rollercoaster ride on the bus home. : 0 I've got tons of photos of course, but since I ought to be sleeping now, I'll post them up later instead! So yeah, this is really a teaser post to make you jealous wahahaha.

Did you know though, that today's temperature was 40 degrees Celsius? WTF.

Slowly Caramelizing,

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