Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Maybelline BB Face of the week!

Everyday, there are ups and downs. I was faced with something unpleasant today. Something that I do not want to ever encounter again. However after the down, there has to be an up! The "up" for today is my prize collection from Maybelline SG!

Ta-da~ The MNY NY Badge! Basically it just stands for Maybelline New York. I used to have plenty of these when I was working for them previously xD

Zoe was very quick to give me my goodie bag and I had enough self discipline to stop myself from digging into the bag in front of her!!! *Ahem ahem, somebody don't have!!!!* Joking! When you see this don't kill me ok thank you very much.

And so I returned home with this.

You shall not look beyond my Maybelline bag into my home!!! I shall distract you with what's inside...

From L-R : Light, Natural, Light, Natural!

ZOMG 4 BB CREAMS, 2 FOR EACH SHADE!!! Yes, I cannot live without BB creams, you should see my stash at home. Pretty scary. I love my BBs but I'm a shade one, the lighter shade. What do I do with the natural shade? Hmm...

#02 Nude Beige and #03 Natural

After you use the BB cream, you HAVE to set with powder to ensure 0% chance of it sliding off in hot weather!

Up from L-R : Watermelon and Velvet Apricot Blush
Bottom from L-R : BR-1, WN-1 and GN-1

I super love shimmery glittery eyeshadows! I personally think I have large pores so I like to keep my face matte and only do shimmers/glitters on my lids. I haven't opened the blush so I can't be sure but they look matte to me!

From L-R : Hyper Diamonds Liquid Eyeliner in #03
Unstoppable Smudgeproof Eyeliner in Black and Dark brown
Eye Studio Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
Vibrating Pulse Perfection Mascara

Three eyeliners, two brow pencils and two mascaras! I ish want to kill Ringo. She's supposed to do the reviews on the mascaras!!! I shall ring Ringo up tonight to rush her. It even rhymes~

From L-R : Cherry, Mint, Berry, Orange

I LOVE THEIR BABY LIPS LIPBALM!!! I love love love the smell of the cherry one that I already own beforehand~  I will do the review soon okay! I haven't used the other three so I can only review CHERRY. I have never ever loved cherry in my entire life but this cherry has changed my life. It smells like cotton candy!

Maybelline Eye & Lip Make Up Remover

My friend loves this and always always repurchase this! I personally haven't tried it though, will probably give this either to her or my mom because I always just use my make up remover and smear it all over my face. Easy peasy.

Wasn't Maybelline generous? Of course this is supposed to be a year's supply of products! Just scroll up and droooooooooool at the amount of goodies... And if you can't be bothered to, here's a group shot for you!

1,2,3 say Maybelline!

AWESOME.Thank you Maybelline for choosing my face! Sounds weird but thanks! 

Also, because I received so many products and I already have an ongoing giveaway, how about another giveaway when Domokie has 150 followers and 150 likes? You know what to do if you want em! AND MAYBE, it'll be INTERNATIONAL!

Otherwise do take part in our current giveaway!

Many many loves,
Chiharu ❤

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