Monday, 30 May 2011

Bits of Chiharu : When my cousin from Holland visits!

My cousin Kye Lie resides in Holland. She recently flew back to Singapore and of course, she had to visit all her relatives! My parents decided to treat her to dinner so we headed off to...


I went there yesterday...

*Drum roll~*

Yes, Sakae Sushi again. Did you get it right? (^ w ^)

We ordered a lot of food. Are you ready to see A LOT of food? I hope you're not hungry!

We have the standard "go Sakae Sushi must eat" Salmon Sashimi!

Another love of mine! Amaebi Sashimi~~~

Yet ANOTHER favorite of mine, Ika Sashimi!

We have my dad's favorite Unagi Maki... Followed by mine...

Yes, this is my maki! My current favorite maki to be precise. Fune Maki! I think this is one really great dish especially if everything is served fresh. It's an explosion of flavors in your mouth! The sweetness of the mango, the q q chewy salmon sashimi along with the crunchy breaded prawns. Great texture!

What is Sakae Sushi without the sushi! Here's one, it's seasoned scallops sushi but I can't remember the actual name for it.

My favorite favorite Spicy Salmon Sushi! Deja vu much anyone?

My used-to-be favorite, Lobster Salad Sushi~

Some grilled squid that my dad ordered. I didn't really like this one though because the squid was really tough. Not chewy at all!!!

Also ordered by my dad, Soft Shell Crab. It was a little too greasy for me though...

I liked my teapot so I snapped a picture of it sitting alone!

Enough of food, onto the people!

Kye Lie, my cousin from Holland! She's the only one who isn't camera shy. Everyone else is .___.

She took a picture with my mom. Yes that is my mom.

OMG RANDOM. But this is my dad's T-shirt LOL. Isn't it cute?

Family picture! This one no one can avoid because well, it's a family picture. So family members MUST be in family picture!

See how shy my family is? That's my sister. Totally does NOT look like me.

I CONCLUDE WE ARE ALL MONSTERS. We ate up to over $200!!! Evidence?

Our impressive tower of red plates.

Now, I will end with a random picture taken on the same day.

Chiharu ❤

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