Friday, 6 May 2011

Sales : Kiehl's 20% off and Kiehl's $20 off ! Mama's Day ~

Hello Domokies! Kiehl's is having a 20% store wide sales ONLY for their RETAIL outlets! For their counters in TANGS, you get $20 off when you purchase up to $150. I believe this sales is specially dedicated to momma's day and so that filial daughters like us can buy our momma some goodies xD

Also, they have the promotion I mentioned awhile back regarding a free 40ml Calendula Herbal Extracts Toner for the first 20 customer at each outlet. Something contradicting is that Kiehl's FB stated that there is no required purchase but the KCRs speak a different language.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here's the promo picture as extracted from Kiehl's FB page!

Of course, I went ahead and hauled from Kiehl's! First let me show you the pretty carnation flower that I was given!

So brilliantly red and cheerful, great as a gift!

Came along with this sweet message attached to it's stalk!

A picture of our flowers! I did not selfishly let the flowers sit there! The train was rather empty so I quickly lay the flowers there to snap snap~

This is my haul~ I'm quite sure you can tell that everything I've hauled are from the list of products I've recommended. Except the filler, my momma always wanted to try it so there she goes !

I know the picture is not clear /.\ I tried my best, too many products can't really focus on the words for each one!

Last picture of what happened to the carnation !

I wasn't torturing the flower, the stalk was too long so I had to cut it or the flower will die really quickly. If the stalk is too long, it's hard for water to reach the flower and so... Snip it off! Remember to dip in water afterwards.

My total damage amounted to $290.40 EXCLUSIVE of the cake that I have yet to purchase!!! I also left the store feeling stupid because I remembered that I forgot to buy the micro dermabrasion only when I was on the MRT (.___. |I) Soooo lazy to travel back to buy it so I decided that I'll just get it some other day.

What about you Domokies? What are you gifting your mom or treating her to? Remember it's this coming Sunday!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : All these products are not sponsored but purchased by yours truly for momma's day!

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