Sunday, 1 May 2011

FOTD : Simple x Defined x Sweet

First post of May! I beat Ringo to this xD My whole body is aching now and why so? Look out for the upcoming post regarding the Bio Essence workshop that'll be up tomorrow!

As Ringo is not beside me, I couldn't blanko out my ugly eyebags. So... the only thing I could do was to paste the watermark on the picture. Yes. I am a photoshop idiot. I would love to be able to blanko out all my eyebags/pimples when I have them and scars when the pimple dies!

My hair's supposed to be tinged with red but I guess the color faded o(╥﹏╥)o I don't know how to use photoshop to make it redder... Now you know, all the post I did with my own face only wasn't photoshopped! I don't know how to but I'll learn!!!

Here's the look, MY face in YOUR face! Lame attempt ( ̄~ ̄|I)

Please note that the dark spot on my cheek is a dimple!!! My bottom lip is also fatter than my upper lip. Sad life.

Skin79 Hot Pink Triple Functions BB Cream
Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NW20
Candydoll Mineral Loose Powder
Mac Sweetness Blush

Mac Paintpot in Painterly
Candydoll Mineral Loose Powder
Dollywink Liquid eyeliner in Black
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo mascara
Random heated eyelash curler from SASA

Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NW20
Candydoll Lipgloss in Macaron Pink


How to get this look ?
You don't have to use what I use! It's all very easy to achieve. First you can use your sunblock if any and perfect your canvas with your favorite BB cream / Foundation. Follow up with concealer at possible acne scars or dark eye circles. If you are having a breakout, do NOT pile concealer on it! It'll only agitate the pimple and make it worse. Set with powder.

If you have oily lids like me, feel free to prime your eye like I did with an eyeshadow primer of your choice. I wanted this look to be really natural so instead of eyeshadow, I set it with the remaining of loose powder on my brush. I like a defined look so in my case, I used a liquid eyeliner. Draw the line really close to the lash line and gradually let it thicken towards the end. Do NOT end it with a stubby fat line. Wing it out ever so slightly.
Apply mascara in thick generous coats to upper lashes. This is because my lashes are almost non existent. If you have long, voluminous lashes, you may prefer to just apply one coat! Do a light coat for the bottom lashes. Remember, this look is to look natural! You don't want clumpy lashes.

At this point, wait for your mascara to dry before using heated lash curler. You can do your brows while waiting but I was in a hurry and did not do mine. So please pardon my oddly shaped brows. They're not equal if I don't draw them. Instead I did my blusher. Apply any hot pink blusher onto your cheeks. Blend with your powder blush to prevent OD-ing on blusher! Blusher overkill is a big nono.

Lastly, apply concealer on lips to erase the color and add a pinkish gloss to achieve nude pink pouty glossy lips!


Hope all of you like this and have a great Labor Day~ If you'd like to request for more looks, please email us or comment and let us know what kind of look you want!

Cheers and off to dig for food,

Disclaimer : None of the products used were sponsored. All products bought with my own ka ching.

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