Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Ichiban is love !

Did everyone have a nice Mother's day? I had a great dinner but I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures.

To make up for it, here's an ichiban meal that I had with my boy :D Ringo had spun the wheel for us and won a $80 dollar voucher!!! Noms noms here I come~

My tasty tasty lobster salad handroll! This is one my must eat!

My favorite Ichiban Don! I always eat the same stuff =x

I love Chawamushi, the boy hates it. So he gave the one from his Don don gozen to me!

This is... Salmon something. I forgot but it's delicious! Me and the boy shared this <3

We shared this too!

It was overall an enjoyable and great day but I think the boy was disappointed. He tried to catch a Rilakkuma from the UFO machine but failed after spending quite an amount on it! UFO machine is cheat people money one ( >.< ) Hard to win cause the claw is always sooooo loose!

I'm really tired from constantly sleeping late and waking really early these days, tomorrow is no different. I am going off for now but I will not forget to do more reviews for all of you!

PLUS I WON THE CHALLENGE! Which one? Remember the Bio Essence slimming challenge? (> w <) I'll share more soon and review the products! In the mean time, guess how many cm I've lost in 7 days in total..?

Chiharu ❤


  1. u must have e greatest boy in e world.


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