Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Ringo A Day: Universal Studios Trip

Kinda late, but finally an update on the Universal Studios Trip last Monday! I haven't been to Universal Studios before (I know, suagu kid), so I took quite a bit of 'reference' photos for the first few hours or so. Unfortunately we were supposed to leave our belongings in the lockers for some of the rides (majority of the more exciting rides, really), so I didn't take much photos afterwards.

Disclaimer: Taken with a phone camera so the quality isn't that good, and posted in no particular order (because I took them in no particular order).

We went in at around 10+am, a little later due to an unexpected traffic jam. And guess what we took first?

Battlestar Galatica~!
(The Human side first, and then the Cylons.)

Have any of you watched the series? I suppose I'm more of a (casual) Trekkie & Starwars fan, but man, if I have the time, I wanna catch Battlestar Galatica and Doctor Who as well. : 0

I love sci-fi stuff!

This was the entrance towards the Egyptian themed part of the park.
After that we proceeded to take the Mummy ride, which was pretty interesting as well. Basically we went in early and took all the exciting rollercoaster rides first, had lunch, and proceeded to take the slower rides. It was super hot that day, so we bought a lot of water amongst ourselves.

Seriously it's too hot for any popcorn man! It felt as if an unpopped kernel would explode into a fluffly popcorn just by lying on the sidewalk. I still love the design of the vehicle though.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action was pretty cool as well, though unlike with rollercoasters, it doesn't have much of a replayability?

Kung Fu Panda! We all thought his face was scary.

Frankenstein and its bodyguards.
There was also a Marilyn Monroe but it was a rather unsuccessful attempt?

Not for hire, unfortunately.

Neither was this operational.

This window display was pretty awesome.

Even the lights are cool.

But the most important thing is still the fans.
I took the rollercoaster rides a total of around 9 times I think. The place is rather small to have a huge variety of rides. But for those who haven't been there before, I think it's worthwhile to go with your family/ friends when the tickets are on sales!

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