Monday, 30 May 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Lunch, dinner and "supper" with my beloved bloggers!

I know it's a really weird time to do up a post but I wanted to start before all my posts start building up! I have a lot of pictures chucked in my computer and I have not edited them!

So on this particular day, Ringo, Yijing and I had lunch together! We're supposed to be heading off to an event afterwards so we decided to have lunch before hand! Himeko had an upset tummy due to lack of magnesium and couldn't join us... She did come towards the end though because her friend Karmun was too shy to find us without her! Tsuriki couldn't come because she had dance practice!

So we initially had a hard time deciding on what to eat for lunch but we decided on 18 Chefs! Or actually I did! Because I really really missed them after they got replaced by Cafe Cartel...

All of us had lemon tea! It's not very sweet so Ringo finds it okay but I have a sweet tooth and prefer sweeter everything.

Yijing had Seafood Aglio Olio! It looks a little messy but I think it tastes rather good the last time I ate it. Besides aglio olio is somewhat healthy in my mind because I vaguely remember that it's supposed to be tossed in olive oil!

THIS IS LOVE!!! I think EVERY SINGLE CHEESE LOVER should try this! It's my creamy mango cheese baked rice with sausages, prawns and seafood! Never underestimate the power of creativity. Some people would think that mango doesn't go well with cheese but you're wrong!!! This is soooooo fragrant that when it was served I could smell it IMMEDIATELY.

Of course it totally depends on which outlet you're at and if the chef is in a good mood ( > . < ) Mine was eaten at Tiong Bahru Plaza and I loved it! Ringo ordered one too but I didn't take hers because it was nearly identical to mine!

Okay fast forward!

We left the event and headed to the arcade to play Bishi Bashi!!! Chiharu VS Yijing VS Ringo. Ringo died first followed by me so Yijing wins!

Fast forward again to dinner!

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi! Ringo and Yijing didn't eat though.

This is Himeko's Potato Salad! I tried a little bit and it's really creamy. We love potatoes!

This is Tsuriki's Salmon Don! Noms noms I want to steal it from her~

My very own Spicy Salmon Sushi! This is something I love and order every time.

Lastly this is my Ikura Chawamushi! Not everyone will like this though.

Abrupt stop, dinner ended. We had "Supper" at Coffee Bean but I slurped down everything greedily so I forgot to take pictures! orz

We chatted till really late and then we had to split up to go home~ I love my girls xD
Looking forward to meeting again!

Chiharu ❤

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