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Product Review : Biore Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse SPF50+ PA+++ and the sun..?

Mom/Dad/Sis/Bro : "Rise and shine! The sun's shining on your butt ~"
Mom/Dad/Sis/Bro : *Stares...(? ・ o・)*

Do you love the sun? Or do you hate it?

Well love or hate it, sunblock's still a must to protect us from the UVA and UVB rays!

At this point you might wonder what exactly are UVA and UVB rays but let me teach you a method that was taught to me during my beauty training...


Isn't this a lot easier to remember by? And there's so much to learn from sunblock so I'm going to share with you what Kimoko has written! These are the points that I feel most people get confused about or don't know much about...

Does layering sunscreen products equates to a higher protection?
A Clarins Beauty spokesperson explains that a sunscreen of SPF50 plus a make-up with SPF20 does not add up to a total protection of 70. I personally learnt this during a beauty workshop conducted by GLOW Magazine from Watsons. You only take the highest SPFas the final protection factor.

Does a sunscreen with a higher SPF protect better?
A higher SPF does not necessarily mean better protection. SPF indicates the Sun Protection Factor, or how long the sunscreen protects you from burning. If you normally burn after 10 minutes, SPF10 gives you 10 times that, or 100 minutes. But high SPF values can involve ingredients, which may stress delicate skin. It is more important to use a sunscreen with at least SPF20 and re-apply frequently.

I work indoors, why do I need a sunscreen?
Unlike UVB, UVA can penetrate glass and is present all year long. That is why dermatologists recommends that we wear sunscreen all year round, even on days when you will most likely be indoors. If your work station has a window near you, you will be exposed to UVA light even in winter! Studies have shown that office workers who have worked near windows for several years sustain sun damage on the side of their face nearest the window. All the more reason to wear sunscreen, especially if you are pale, sunburn easily or have a history of sun damage or skin cancer.

Throughout my working life, which isn't extremely long but long enough to accumulate experience, these are the MOST common questions I've come across. Of course, there's more to that and you can read even more details at the post Kimoko did that I koped the above info from! (Permission was given!)


Now the product I'm talking about today is something I love.

This is my Biore Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse SPF50+ PA+++ and I know my table looks really pore-ish but it's not my fault :\

Of course I had to also get a sample from TheSampleStore to try before getting the full size! Obviously I loved it so I bought it!

My attempt to capture the ingredients list! Tried my best for this so no complaints please~ I hope all of you can see this! If you can't, please once again check out Kimoko's post because her picture is clearer! Also if you want to understand anything with regards to the ingredients, she explains it really well on her blog.

This is what Biore described and how you should use/store it.


Now we shall move on to my review! I really enjoyed this sunscreen. For a moment back, I was actually considering getting Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++ because I've tried it out and really liked the feel of it on my skin. However the usual size of the sunscreen is 30ml and it costs a whopping $68! So I had to think for quite sometime if I really needed the sunscreen... Before I made up my mind, I was on my usual "See-if-there's-anything-I-can-buy-in-Watsons" trip and there this product was, in my face and calling my name!

The shopping queen in me HAD to go forward and test the product out. So I did. It felt so good!!! But I wasn't sure how it would do on my face so I didn't get it. Who knew that a few days later, TheSampleStore came out with it! I of course tried the sample for a few days before getting it. I'm sure all of you are wondering what it looks like so here!

I use about that much for my face and my neck. Don't forget your neck people, it's important too! But I only squeezed it out for this review so I only used it on my hand. It comes out as this creamy mousse that you see in the picture and it's quite thick when you see it. Like a thick foam... Once again I apologize if the picture is blurry.

Here it is very slightly blended out, can you see how creamy it is?? It spreads very easily on the face and for a short while, you can actually see water droplets that disappears into your skin after! It really gives off the feeling that your skin is being fed with a healthy dosage of water ~ The soft bouncy feeling of this mousse is really pleasant and it's fun to apply xD

Once blended, you can't even see it! There's no white cast on my hand! Remember that picture above where I squeezed out tons for the review? It's all blended in and leaves my hand soft and hydrated. This review isn't just about the sunscreen on my hand. I did use it on my face for a week before doing this review. Although it's hydrating, I would say that it's oil control is pretty good? Though nothing can stop the shine on my nose!

It didn't clog my pores so I don't know why it clogged yours, Kimoko. /.\ I personally really like it and would repurchase it! If you're afraid that it'll clog your pores like what happened to Kimoko, it's still available at TSS for sample so click here to sign up and get your free sunblock!

Plus, it's only $18.90 for 33g and can be found easily in Watsons. It also has SPF50+ PA+++ so it's like one of the best protections you can get already!

Scent : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Smells somewhat like grapefruit which is indeed lovely and citrus-sy)
Texture : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Creamy and fluffy, absorbs easily)
Oil Control : ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (Good but not the best)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (I really adore it and I'm not taking stars off for the oil control because nothing can help my oil!)

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : Sample was from TSS. Retail sized product was bought with my own moolah.

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