Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I demand all my readers to applaud me for doing this at 3.31am!!! Okay, I'm kidding. I love reviewing products and it's my interest. Which is why I have this blog. But then again, it's really 3.31am.

Moving on, remember how I promised this would be up by Wednesday? Yeap you can see for yourself today, the amount of reviews we have decided to spam in one day.

You can see the review for it's sister, Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream here!

Less words, more pictures!!!

*Holy light shines from behind and you hear a heavenly cry~*

Ignore the mess at the back. It's always there! Proudly presenting the Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Mousse that Xuan bought for me from Taiwan! Thanks Xuan!!!

We did this in the morning so say hi to our tired faces. (Yet again)

My eyebags in its full glory
Skin is alright, but overall a little puffy.

Okay weird angle... But I was sleepy!!! ||orz

So after seeing our tired faces... Which I believe you're not interested in... Here's the mousse!!!

Not edible!

Good mousse shouldn't just plop off! SCORE~ Ignore Ringo's hand!!!

I know, it's so cute right? But... Yes, there's a but.

Upper blob - Fresh / Bottom blob - Oxidized

The picture isn't too bad, but in RL it oxidizes REALLY quickly. It's no joke. From a normal BB cream color to one with really strong orange undertones. But! Don't get scared off yet.

Upper - Ringo(NC15) / Lower - Chiharu(NC20)
Same as above sequence but blended out.
If you're super pale like Ringo, the orange undertone will peek through. A little obvious. Don't faint yet. You have to see it on the face first!

After using it....
Can you see how crazily good the coverage is?! All redness is gone from her face! The orange cast isn't super obvious, it's very slight and can be easily countered with powder.

Eyebags gone, don't look as tired! Skintone evened out too.

Unlike Ringo, I'm not super pale. The orange cast is super not visible on me so I'm safe!


Let's talk color. It's quite orangey yellowy but definitely more orange. It won't show if you set it with powder unless you're really ghost pale. The good thing about this color is that tanned babes will love it! It won't leave a whitish cast on your skin. Remember how the Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB cream had two colors? This one is leaning more towards shade 2, the natural shade.

I love the coverage though, isn't it great that you don't have to use another concealer? Also applying this on your face is plain fun because it's not always that you get to put mousse on your face. Precisely because it's a mousse, it's very light in texture, similar to it's sister, the Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB cream! I can't tell you the ingredients in this though because the ingredients list is super puny. I get cross eyed attempting to read it. So yea, I don't know how similar they are to each other in terms of ingredients.

Above were what I can consider the good points. On to the bad...

THIS DOES NOT STAY PUT!!! I swear. I tried putting my favorite loose powder to set it and guess what? It doesn't work. Say you have a runny nose. It'll come off once you blow your nose on a tissue. Or maybe your face felt itchy and you scratched at it. Say goodbye to the BB cream. This absolutely does not adhere well to my face at all! o(╥﹏╥)o

This also goes on a little streaky so I would suggest application with your fingers. It's the fastest way and it will never leave streaks!

A little comparison picture to remind all of you what it does!

I just love the coverage on Ringo!

I like mousse and coverage again~

If you find a way to set it really well, let me know! It's a waste to let this product go just because it doesn't set like I want it. Perhaps dry skin babes would adore this? This is currently unavailable in Singapore so if you want it... Comment below and if we gather enough, we could possibly get Maybelline Singapore to do something about it? :D

Otherwise if you're afraid of it sliding off, stick to the sister!

Texture: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (One star off because of possible streakiness)
Coverage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (The coverage is amazing! Refer to pictures for evidence~)
Lasting Power: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ (I guess if you don't ever touch or blot your face it might stay?)
Overall: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (I swear the coverage is the plus point. Super great! But why you slide /.\)

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : Given to me as a gift by Xuan!


  1. I have been eye-ing this! ):

  2. I know! Alot of people wanted to know how this mousse fares but well... As much as I wanted to like it, I have to be honest!

  3. Great review!!! I was researching this BB mousse and came here ;)

  4. @Rainy, thanks for the compliment! We hope you enjoy reading our other reviews too!

  5. Thanks for the review!
    I have one, so...
    I would say the coverage is medium, but can be easily build up. The staying power was good enough for me concerning my oily face - it does control sebum, I didn't need to blot my face as often. but it melted like crazy with water. I touched my face with damp finger and guess what, it totally got melted off. I assume that the humidity made it slide off?

  6. Hey dear! Yes the coverage is a plus point in this BB. However it just doesn't stay put on both of our faces! Even without the moisture factor, it gets transferred easily if anything touches it.

    This is actually a very intriguing product. I wish they'd improve the color and staying power of this BB, then I'd prolly love to use it everyday! After all, mousse is super fun!

  7. I find that it doesn't transfer so much when I used a primer before it and I buffed the powder into my skin (as compared to just putting on powder).


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