Monday, 16 May 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Watsons Haul!!! + A teensy review

It's been awhile since anything beauty related, but I promise that the Maybelline BB mousse review will be up by Wednesday! We've taken the pictures, just in the process of uploading and adjusting the lightings.

As for now, let me satisfy all of you with my recent haul from Watsons. Seriously, I should just live in Watsons. I keep buying stuff from there because there's just so many affordable yet great products there. Of course I'm not saying EVERYTHING is wonderful and you should get it, just sharing what I love!

So a few days ago, I headed down to NEX Watsons and got these...

Lashes galore!

So pretty right? Let me show you in detail!

No.1 Dolly Sweet

No.2 Sweet Girly

No.5 Real Nude

Ardell 128

They're so pretty right? The lash case was only included in the first group shot because it doesn't need to be shown in detail! But it's really convenient for me because I always leave my lashes lying around and they get lost because... My fan blew them off somewhere.

Now why did I say teensy review? It's because I didn't take any pictures but let me tell you, these lashes are DIVINE. Supposedly they're made out of 100% human hair. That info makes me feel kinda disturbed but at the same time, it's the whole reason why these lashes are so soft! They also do not reflect light like those extremely plastic and glossy kinda lashes. It's a very natural sheen, like how our healthy hair would look like.

If you've always felt like your falsies casts a shadow over your eyes and make you feel sleepy, or if your falsies feels heavy or too stiff on your eyes, I highly suggest you use these. In the past I've always bought cheapo lashes that hurt my eye because the lashbone is so hard! My eyes always felt so heavy and puffy when wearing the cheaper lashes. These lashes, though slightly more expensively totally blew me away. It's amazingly soft and natural if you chose the natural kind.

In all, I absolutely adored these lashes and can't wait to burn a hole in my pocket again. 〜(m~-~)ノ ~ On the other hand, one of the Dollywink No.5 lashes were given to me as a present from my bf! Loves~

Another conclusion is that... I should probably marry Watsons.

Also, giveaway post coming up by Wednesday! Like our FB and follow our blog to be entered in the giveaway!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : All products bought by ME except one of the no.5 lashes which is a gift from my bf!


  1. hahah LOL so u were one of those who snapped up dolly wink no.5 (cos u got 2 of them as seen in ur pic) at NEX Watsons! when i went there i was wondering how come the no. 5 was sold out so quickly, while all the rest like no. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 were still around...

  2. @Louisa, I love Dollywink xD So I had to get two! These are the easiest to wear!

  3. when u said human hair did u mean ardell's or dollywink's or both... i started out using ardell but havent tried my dolly wink (cos i only bought the bottom lashes no. 8) but dolly wink lashes are so ex! i can imagine u blew abt $100 on all these falsies?

  4. Dollywink AND Ardell! Yea, they're super ex~~~~


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