Monday, 9 May 2011

A Ringo A Day: How I Eat My Fries (Again)

Macdonald's had seaweed shaker fries again last week, so we went to the Northpoint's branch for our fries fix.

Seaweed shaker fries~! It's sodium + fats + fats + fats, but darn, it tastes good.

Wai am I sho unhealthy?

And of course, to get shaker fries, you need to get a set meal...

So this was the result (on my side, at least):

For whatsoever reason, my McSpicy had a super huge patty that day. (And I was too hungry so I stole a bite.)

She-who-cannot-be-named refused to let me garner evidence of her normal dietary habits in her native environment. : C (Okay, normally we go to KFC though.)

But lawl, apparently you can guess who is more disciplined when it comes to really slimming down lar. OTL But more on that later when Chiharu posts on the Bioessence 7 Day Biggest Loser Challenge!

Signing off,

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