Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bits of Chiharu : I have sinned, for I have hauled.

I think I'm really a loyal Watsons member. I am FOREVER hauling from them!!! Seriously forever.

And today, they had a private members sale! So how did I resist? I didn't. There's a saying that goes something like... If you can't fight them, join them. I joined them!

I swear that this LE DollyWink liner is meant for me. I saw it when it launched at Watsons, I hesitated and resisted because I still preferred the regular version of the liner. The hot pink just clashes with the purple polka dots and overwhelms it? So I didn't get it.

The next time I went there with Ringo, I wanted to get it again. I asked her if I should get this just because it is LE at $25.90 from Watsons or I should stick with the normal version that costs only $20.90 at BlingAlways? Ringo said she wouldn't purchase LE just for LE, so I passed on it AGAIN!

And then finally, TODAY, I saw it. The very LAST one. Going at a super slight discount, $1 off -.- I grabbed it immediately! Not because I'm overly tempted, I felt like it's fate. And it's also today that my current DollyWink liner died on me~

I also got this serum! I used to use L'oreal a really long time ago but gradually, I got bored. So I went around constantly brand hopping till I saw Ringo use this again. She seemed to like it so... I bought it! It was on 28% discount today okay, so I'm like saving myself the other 28% because I bought it today!!! For only $9.80 if I'm not wrong :D

IMHO, everyone should be a Watsons member. But then again, if I encourage everyone to be a Watsons member, everyone will be snapping up the goodies before me T___T

Much loves,
Chiharu ❤

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